Write-in votes overshadow Whittier City Election

By Tony Gorman

A recently recalled mayor, the person who spearheaded the recall, and a mayor in another city received write-in votes during the Whittier City Election, yesterday (Tuesday).

Despite being recalled over the summer, former mayor Lester Lunceford received a total of 29 write-in votes for all 5 seats contested.  The most votes he received was 19 for Seat F.   Lunceford held the seat until he was ousted in July over the handling of the city manager hiring process.

Former City Councilman Peter Denmark, who led the effort to recall Lunceford received 45 write-in votes.  He beat out registered candidate Arnie Arneson for Seat F with 41 votes to Arneson’s 22.

As for the registered candidates, Daniel Blair was re-elected to the Council by winning Seat B.  Ata Maae Beat out incumbent Jeff Nelson for Seat C.  Shawnie Phillips returned to the Council by defeating Branelyn Bender for Seat D.  Natasha Aminsone won Seat G.

A mayor’s name outside of Whittier made its way on the election ballot.  Talkeetna’s Stubbs the Cat received one write-in vote for Seat G.

City Council Seat B
Daniel Blair                                  77
Lester Lunceford                          4
Becky Cotner                                3
Huck                                             2
Montgomery Irvin                          1
Peter Denmark                             1
Beverly Sue Waltz                        1
Chloe Kay Cardenas                    1

City Council Seat C
Ata Maae                                   53
Jeff Nelson                                 40
Peter Denmark                            2
Lester Lunceford                         1

City Council Seat D
Shawnie Phillips                        60
Brandelyn Bender                     36
Lester Lunceford                        2

City Council Seat F
Peter Denmark                         41
Arnie Arneson                          22
Lester Lunceford                     19
Barbara  Ensminger                  2

City Council G
Natasha Amisone                    78
Lester Lunceford                      3
Atta Maae                                 1
Peter Denmark                         1
George Carlan                         1
Stubbs the Cat                         1


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